For the Mission:

  • That the Lord of the Harvest would raise up missionaries to work among the Banjara, so many of whom are hungry to hear the Gospel and believe in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior
  • That the Bible in the Banjara language would be circulated far and wide, impacting eternally those who hear from It
  • That the Banjara – regarded as unreached – would become a reached people group, firmly grounded in the Scriptures, sending their own people to become missionaries beyond their people group
  • That the Banjara Christians would be bold to share the Gospel and would be met, not with adversity, but with yearning to know and love the one true God

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All it takes is a couple minutes. Read through our prayer requests below, and pray as you go... we believe that the ONLY way any REAL work will be done among the Banjara people will be if the LORD God works in a mighty way, setting captives free, filling believers with boldness and grace, equipping His people to do His work. So, partner with us right now wherever you are reading this - sitting on your couch at home, waiting for a table at a restaurant, taking a break from your desk at work - pray with us.

For Our Board of Directors:

  • That they would have wisdom and discernment as they make decisions directly affecting the work of 1040 Tribal
  • That they would remain humble and teachable as they continue to learn how to oversee this young organization
  • That they would continue to have a good, healthy, and strong relationship with the Banjara Christians
  • That they would have a lot of creativity and input from other wise men and women that have gone before them as they seek to create a self-sustaining (as much as possible) orphanage and pastoral training center
  • That they would have the strength and grace they need to accomplish the good works involving 1040 Tribal 
  • That their decisions would be wrapped in constant seeking of the Lord in prayer and the Scriptures and the fellowship of their churches

For the Orphanage & Pastoral Training Center:

  • That work on the building would progress smoothly, without accidents, complications, or delays
  • That this Orphanage would be a home for many, many orphans that need a place to stay, to be educated, and to be raised in the ways of the Lord
  • That this Pastoral Training Center would greatly equip the Banjara Christian pastors, as well as other pastors, and that the teaching in this facility would consistently be Biblically sound
  • That the construction workers would be protected from harm
  • That sufficient funding for the building would be provided by the Lord
  • That this project would eventually become exceptionably self-sufficient
  • That Sunil would have wisdom and discernment as he makes decisions that directly impact this project
  • That volunteers and staff members – the cooks, teachers, janitors, house parents, etc. – would be found quickly, and that these people overseeing and orchestrating the upkeep of the orphanage and pastoral training center would consistently rely upon the Lord, would turn to Him faithfully and regularly in corporate and private prayer, and would exemplify Christ-likeness to the orphans
  • That visitors, such as the pastors coming for training, would be blessed and encouraged in this building, that they would find peace beyond understanding and quiet rest in a place that invites the presence of the Lord to work in and through all who walk through its doors
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For the Churches:

  • That they would remain strong in the face of adversity and persecution
  • That many would be added to their number regularly
  • That elders would rise up in their churches to shepherd and guide the church members
  • That the 25 pastors now at work among these churches would be given the strength and grace needed to continue their ministry and that they would be given the discernment and wisdom that they need to shepherd their flocks well
  • That Jerem. would constantly depend upon the Lord, seeking Him in prayer, the Scriptures, and fellowship with Christians as he leads these churches
  • That any church members facing trials or adversity would find great comfort in the presence of God
  • That the illiteracy rate, which leads to so few being able to study the Scriptures, would be drastically affected by the building of schools and the education of the next generation of Banjara children
  • That physical needs would be met in the face of severe poverty
  • That the churches would fully support Jerem. as he leads them and help to hold their elders accountable to the Scriptures
  • That the members would be filled with love for one another and love for the needy and hurting, including those poorer than they, the orphans and widows
  • That missionaries would be raised from among the churches to spread the Gospel to other Banjara villages that have not yet heard an even beyond the Banjara of India to the Banjara of Nepal and Pakistan