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Our next objective is to help the Banjara send out Christians among them to be missionaries to Hindus living in Nepal. As soon as the Orphanage & Pastoral Training Center is complete, we can begin taking steps to support and help them send out families as missionary teams! Send us a check specifying your desire to support this initiative to send out Banjara Christians as Missionaries! 

COMING SOON! We'll have names, bios, pictures, and special details on orphans wandering in Indian villages. With only $20 a month, you can fully support an orphan, giving him/her food, clothing, school supplies and an education, and a place to stay.

Want to help but short on funds at the moment? That's fine! Help us out by contributing your time and talents! The sky is the limit! We need help in all shapes and sizes! Form a year long project with your school or church to collect supplies for the orphans, create a fundraiser, partner with us to send a missions team to serve the Banjara with VBS, building projects, and more, sell some of your best crafts and give the proceeds to 1040 Tribal, lend us your support and expertise as we create and distribute promotional materials!


Share details about 1040 Tribal to everyone you know; as a young, growing organization, spreading the word about what we do is crucial!  Contact us if any of these ideas are up your alley, and we'll help you out! Let's partner together to support the Banjara!

Support our Current Project: 

Building the Orphanage & Pastoral Training Center

Want to Learn more? Want to Partner with Us? Let us Know!

Send out Banjara Christian Families as Missionaries.

With only $10,000 to go, the Banjara Orphanage & Pastoral Training Center is almost complete! Help us finish this 8 year long building project!